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I love helping struggling job seekers find work because I've been there myself. I know the frustration of a job search that feels hopeless.

But, after years of underemployment, I finally learned the rules and have landed an incredible job in a field I love (health writing).

I've managed to break down the process into simple steps, and now I share them with others.

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What is Job Hunt Lab all about?

** [Radio silence] **

This was the sound of my early efforts to land a job. As a new graduate I tried countless times to apply to jobs I knew I was qualified for, but then… [*crickets*].

And I wasn’t alone.

Lots of my friends and family had the same experience. After being under-employed for around 4 years, I decided to go back to school to work in publishing. 

When I graduated that program, I was determined to find a job and obsessively studied all the tips and tricks I could find to write resumes, cover letters, and master the art of the job application. It was during this time I learned the strategies you need to use to get noticed.

I found work as a writer and editor and eventually ended up being a casual resume writer and editor for friends, family, and online clients.

After looking at dozens of resumes, I realized that people tend to make the same mistakes: relying too heavily on job banks, not aligning their values and skills with the companies they’re applying to, and failing to identify their unique differentiators.

I knew I could change people’s job searches for the better on a larger scale.

Voila, Job Hunt Lab was born. 

Fast forward and today I’m able to:

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