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LinkedIn Profile Makeover

Use the most powerful job connection platform to your advantage. This service includes a completely re-written Professional Biography / Summary that includes your unique value and differentiators.

Cover Letter & Resume Review

Learn how to tailor your application to your ideal employer. This package includes job applications returned with in-depth annotations and suggested areas of improvement, rationale, and re-writing examples + more. 

You have the skills and passion to share with your ideal employer.

The problem? Your resume and LinkedIn profile don't communicate this.

Let's change that.

"Lindsay's service is unlike any resume or cover letter service I've used in the past. It's the opposite of cookie-cutter. It's honest and realistic, and you can see the amount of time and research put into her feedback."

Maesha Ahmed, Sport & Event Marketing


LinkedIn Makeover
Attract attention on this powerful platform

Complete a Job Biography Questionnaire so I can get to know your history and career situation

Keyword identification for your role/industry that attract attention from recruiters, hiring, managers, and HR

A completely re-written Professional Biography / Summary that includes your unique value and differentiators

A smoke test scan for any typos or major red flags on the rest of your LinkedIn profile so you can be sure you are putting your best self forward

The Combo Bundle
Best value!

Everything included in the LinkedIn Makeover package

Everything included in the Resume + Cover Letter Review package

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Resume editing meets coaching

My focus is on facilitating self-empowerment, and sharing effective career writing strategies that my clients can use again and again in their job applications.

The goal for every applicant is to find a job as quickly as possible, but it’s likely that it will take you sending few applications before you’re hired, which means you will inevitably need to update the resumes and cover letters you send out on your own.

Because of this, I want to provide the skills needed to self-edit, and make sure my clients know what strategies I use and how to use them effectively on their own. When we work together, I share all my writing secrets.

The process

Step 1: Initial consultation

We’ll have an initial consultation via email about what you hope to achieve through my services, what type of job you are seeking, your career area, and any other pertinent information.

Step 2: Material collection

You will send me the documents you want edited, as well as a job ad or a link to a job ad online. I might ask for extra information from you, such as a list of credentials, professional organizations, etc. I may also send you a questionnaire if I want to learn more about your skills and passions.

Step 3: Payment

Before I begin working, I require the full fee upfront by e-transfer.

Step 4: Research & Editing

Before my editing starts, I research the role and industry, and familiarize myself with the particular challenges and vocabulary of the industry. I generally take 5 business days to research, edit and make suggestions. The timeframe will depend on the project, and I will communicate ahead of time if I believe it may take longer than this.

Step 5: Review & Revision (if needed)

After I provide you with my edited documents, it’s time for you to review them. I can make any final revisions necessary, or do a final proofread once you’ve encorporated my edits. I ask that your feedback be sent to me within 3 business days of my file delivery.

Step 6: Keep in touch!

Don’t be a stranger. I like to stay in touch with my former clients to see how their resume and cover letters are working, and where they land jobs. Many people have returned for LinkedIn updates, or career transition advice.

What to expect from my editing

An overview of how I work

I work a little differently than your average resume-writing or editing service...

First, I ask that my clients send me a job ad for a specific job that fits the type of role they’re looking for. This will allow me to tailor my editing and re-writing to a real-world example of a job they might apply to.

Second, I consider my editing service as a interactive process. This means I don’t just receive your resume or cover letter, edit it, and then send it back, ready to go. Instead, I use a collaborative approach.

While I will provide an in-depth edit and re-work your job application, some of my edits and suggestions might require extra writing from you. This is because I truly believe this is a skills job hunters need to learn to adapt to today’s HR expectations.

We're a good fit if...

You're excited about your career

You may having a difficult time getting interviews, but overall you're excited about doing meaningful work you love.

You know what you're looking for

You know the types of jobs that you want, and you have your eye on the prize.

You like the idea of participation

You know it takes work to get a job, and are eager at learning the skills needed to adapt your resume.

We might NOT be a good fit if you...

Needed something yesterday

We like to take our time and do our research. We usually complete a resume in 5 days.

Don't know the job you want

I work from existing job ads that you send me, so knowing a general direction for your career is necessary.

Don't want to collaborate

This is a collaborative process that will require revision from you.

Do you prefer a DIY approach?

Learn how to edit your own resumes and cover letters fast and stand out to your ideal employer


Do you have any questions about my services, or about job hunting in general? Ask away!