Success Stories

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"Thanks to Lindsay's help, I was presented with not one, but two offers of employment from different companies. Both are startups at different growth stages and I am very excited to grow my career with one of them, in the capacity of operations manager.

I enlisted Lindsay's help after an unexpected turn of events lead me to suddenly looking for my next career move. She had me fill out a questionnaire, which I took the time to complete diligently, giving her a good overview of who I am as a professional, skills I bring to the table and my career aspirations. 

She analyzed my current resume and cover letter along with a job description of the types of roles I am interested in. She provided actionable feedback, pointed out items that were working well already and gave me a new understanding of how to read a job post, which key sections of my resume to tailor and how to do this effectively.

I am happy to report, that this has been my most active job searching process - I've seen more responses than ever to my applications. In the past 2 weeks, I had about a dozen phone screens, been to close to 10 interviews, and nearing final rounds in a couple of the companies.

With Lindsay's help, I was able to turn circumstances that I had no control over, into a situation where I feel confident about my presentation on paper, just as I do about my presentation in person."

Yulia K. Toronto, Operations Manager

"Since working with Lindsay over the past 4 weeks, I have had 6 job interviews and have another scheduled for next week! 

Lindsay is extremely adept at navigating the murky lands of job hunting. Right off the bat, she understood my desires and enlightened me to 5 keywords that have enhanced my resume, LinkedIn profile, and job search significantly. Lindsay also shared some of her expert insider knowledge of the digital healthcare industry. She even recommended 3 specific agencies that I should look into and introduced me to 2 of her professional connections. This support and guidance was especially helpful, given that I am fairly new to Canada.

I’m so grateful to Lindsay for helping me see that it is possible for me to apply all of my existing knowledge and skills in healthcare and communications to the digital health and advertising space. Without her help, it would have taken me considerably longer to get to where I am now. And, honestly, I may have given up before even getting to this point, not having had the belief in myself that Lindsay has instilled in me, or her consistent support and encouragement. I highly recommend working with Lindsay to learn how to snag your ideal job!"

Sophia Ash, BSc (Hons), DiplON, NNCP Instructional Designer & Copywriter, Toronto
"Lindsay's service is unlike any resume or cover letter service I've used in the past. It's the opposite of cookie-cutter. It's honest and realistic, and you can see the amount of time and research put into her feedback. I have quite a few years of experience in many different areas of my field (marketing), so my biggest struggle has been focusing my search strategy on one specific area of marketing which I am interested in pursuing as my long-term career goal. I mentioned this to Lindsay early on, and she took this into account for her feedback which I greatly appreciate. Her feedback helped me cut the fluff and reword parts of my CV to align with my career goals, resulting in a way more focused CV. Her feedback is very detailed, specific, and adaptable; she even goes as far as to explain the reasoning behind it all. Job seekers, I highly recommend working with Lindsay during your search! Take it from somebody that swore off services like this ages ago because of cookie-cutter edits/feedback – that is absolutely not the case here, and you won't be sorry!"
Maesha Ahmed Marketing Professional, Toronto
"Lindsay helped me immensely in my job search by giving me substantive, practical advice about how to approach both job interviews and written applications, ultimately leading to my current employment."
Alexander Arvelo-McQuaig Graphic Designer, Philip Sung & Associates, Toronto

"Lindsay has excellent expertise with regards to the competitive job market, interviews, job search techniques, and insight into the way a hiring manager really thinks and the reasons why. She understands how to tailor a resume so that skills and pertinent accomplishments come to the forefront quickly."

J.E. Paralegal, Government, Toronto

"Lindsay’s feedback on my resume and cover letter were excellent! I am now working for the foundation she helped me apply for!"

E.B. Youth Worker, Toronto

"Lindsay worked with me to update my LinkedIn profile, using strategic messaging for my ideal employers. Within one month a head hunter for my dream job contacted ME, and I am now working there."

S.K. IT Administrator, Private Tech Sector